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Testimony on Redistricting Legislation

In looking at redistricting reform, there are some fundamental concerns which should not be forgotten.

[VIDEO] The Most Important Redistricting Standard

Turns out the power to check gerrymandering exists in one ignored redistricting standard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CORCNqUilm0

[VIDEO] Hidden Dangers: Communities of Interest

Communities of interest might seems like a good redistricting standard, but they come with a hidden danger.

[VIDEO] Deconstruction of a Map (Congressional Style)

One pivotal change in Pennsylvania redistricting law made gerrymandering a lot easier. Watch and see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj28cdn48JQ

Balance of Power

The success of the system of the United States government hinges on a unique balance of power between the various branches of government. It is this delicate balance which is being called into question with the court order that came down from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Is there really anything to be concerned about?

Breakdown of a Court-Drawn Congressional Map

It appeared like no submitted map came close to meeting the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Order. The public was permitted to cling to this myth until Monday, February 19, 2018 when the Court released its congressional map.

Expectations of a Mapmaker

With the failure of the General Assembly and Governor to approve a map by the court deadline, it now falls to Nathaniel Persily to draw Pennsylvania’s next congressional map. This court-appointed special master is known for his skills as a mapmaker in other states. No matter how skilled, no one is perfect. How will we know if he gets it right in Pennsylvania?

A View of 9 Congressional Maps

On February 15, 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court received 8 map submissions for congressional districts. Each purported to fully comply with the court order to be compact and contiguous, generally equal in population, and split local governments only when absolutely necessary for population equality. But did any comply with the court order?

Breakdown of a Congressional Map

While the proposed Pennsylvania congressional map is undeniably an improvement over the 2011 version, a deeper analysis shows some shortcomings and reveals several choices with far-reaching impacts.

Redistricting Reform Today

The requirement to redraw Pennsylvania's congressional map offers a unique opportunity to gauge the temperature for redistricting reform. By February 9, citizens will witness the degree to which the State Legislature will embrace neutral redistricting principles outlined in the Constitution.