Pennsylvania Congressional Redraw 2022: First Draft


Pennsylvania now has the 2020 Census Data and knows it will be going from 18 congressional districts to 17. What might a new map look like? That will depend on the priorities.

The following set of maps were created to illustrate it is possible, using a minimal overall population range, to keep every municipality in Pennsylvania whole (except Philadelphia).

Primary Priorities:

  1. All municipalities whole (except Philadelphia, which exceeds the size of a congressional district)
  2. Creating 2 majority minority districts in Philadelphia while minimizing the division of Philadelphia wards.
  3. Minimum county divisions
  4. Equal population (as close to zero while achieving the above goals)
  5. Demonstrating a variety of district configurations.

Secondary Considerations:

  1. School district boundaries
  2. Compactness

These priorities and considerations were applied to the maps as follows:

Version County divisions Total Splits Philly Ward Splits Target Overall Population Range
1 No more than 14* No more than 16 3 Wards As close to zero as possible
2 Less than 14 Less than 16 2 Wards No more than 200
3 No more than 14 No more than 16 2 Wards No more than 100
4 No more than 14 No more than 16 3 Wards No more than 50

* 14 county divisions (16 total splits) seemed to be a common outcome in map configurations.

Some district configurations are interchangeable between maps.

Holt Congressional Maps

Version 1 (overall range is 13 persons)

Version 2 (overall range is 146 persons)

Version 3 (overall range is 93 persons)

Version 4 (overall range is 46 persons)

Key Metrics

Version 1 Jurisdictional Splits

County 14
Municipal 1
Ward 3
Precinct 0
"Total Splits" 21

Minority Districts

Each version achieves one majority-minority district and one minority coalition district. In a coalition district, no single minority group forms 50% of the voting age population, but collectively they do.

Version 1, Congressional District 2 Holt (ages 18+)

White 39.4%
Hispanic 22.1%
Black 26.3%
Asian 9.7%
Other 2.6%

Version 1, Congressional District 3 Holt (ages 18+)

White 33.4%
Hispanic 5.2%
Black 51.1%
Asian 7.9%
Other 2.4%


It is clear every municipality (other than Philadelphia) may remain whole when forming congressional districts. The law clearly allows small population variances to accommodate such an important state interest.

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