Stay Engaged


It is important for citizens to stay engaged in this redistricting process, but several have asked how they can do this. There are three specific ways that come to mind.

Call or email your legislator.

Since the elected caucus leaders make the redistricting decisions, you can ask your legislator to represent your redistricting concerns to their caucus leader. Request that they vocalize support for a plan that does not compromise our constitution.

Contact the Commission

The Commission has an email form you can use to contact them directly. Share your thoughts and concerns with them regarding redistricting. The public comment period on the new plan ends May 11.

Testify on May 2

Speak out at the Public Hearing. The deadline to submit your request to testify is April 25. Full instructions are in the press release.

View the latest commission plan (called the Revised Preliminary Plan). Watch what the commission had to say about this plan in Part 1 and Part 2 of the public meeting on April 12.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking someone else will do something. Every citizen who speaks out against the dilution of their voice matters. By leaving the sidelines, you, too, can make a difference.


  1. Ms. Holt, I am a retired state legislator writing a book about legislative reform and will be reporting on your efforts to bring about a a better legislative redistricting plan. As the the sugestion of Heather Long at the Harrisburg paper I am writing to ask if you will send me a photo of yourself I could use in m the book.,The photo that appeared in the Patriot on Feb. 5 this year would be perfect,. Of ciourse, I will bve glad to pay the cost of the photo. I will appreciate it. Franklin Kury P.S. My first book, “Clean Politics/Clean Streams” was published by the Lehigh University Press last year. You can check it out on Amazon. Thank you!

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