Best PA Redistricting Resources


In my year long redistricting journey, I’ve come across many resources. But a few were standouts as more helpful than the rest. If you are looking to learn more, than you’ve come to the right place. Some of these I wish I’d found sooner!

#1 Dave’s Redistricting App

Dave’s app is phenomenal. It is easy to use and, best of all,  free!

The app is kind of like an online software with no installation. It lets you pick your state, the version of data to use (I recommend always going with the most current), and select how many districts you need. Then your ready to start coloring!

It is available for every state except Alaska. You can save your map to your computer and then open it up later through his website app (launch Dave’s App).

Cons: you can’t select by municipality, only Voting District. This means that stray voting district can get separated from the rest of the town or township if you aren’t careful.

#2 Nevada News and Views

Article: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about GOP’s Redistricting Plan 

With explanations in plain English, this offered invaluable help for anyone trying to understand minority-majority districts and congressional redistricting rules. True, it all specifically applies to Nevada. But there are universal principles that carry over into any state redistricting plan. I referenced this a lot whenever I felt myself getting lost in technical jargon.

#3 Redistricting Online

Their website gave a great big picture perspective and houses excellent resources from all over the place. Navigation is a little difficult so I will point out some of the more helpful areas (mostly their section on Redistricting Law).

#4 State of Minnesota

The Minnesota Senate’s Department of Research and Analysis posted numerous redistricting resources (several from the NCSL, only in a more accessible format) under two sections of their website: Treatises and Presentations. They are really helpful, including the two highlighted below.

#5 State of Iowa

Document: Redistricting in Iowa

Defining overall variant is not an easy thing. This packet from Iowa explained and illustrated precisely how this should be calculated.

Official Resources: 

Have you found a redistricting resource that is helpful? Comment below to keep the list growing!

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