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[VIDEO] Why are Districts so Crazy?

18.Apr.2017by Amanda in Redistricting· 0 comments

Many people look at the maps of legislative districts and shake their heads in disbelief. The boundaries of numerous┬ácongressional, state senate, and state representative districts are pretty crazy. It might look hopeless at first, but it is possible to restore some sanity and greater accountability to the redistricting process. Watch and see!  

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Redistricting Proposal: Overview

28.Sep.2011by Amanda in Redistricting· 1 comment

Redistricting is not normally associated with terms like impartial and non-partisan. The method proposed shows that that can all change. A proven alternative is ready to be used right now.

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Pennsylvania’s Redistricting System

27.Sep.2011by Amanda in Redistricting· 0 comments

Within Pennsylvania, the same method is not used universally for reforming districts. There is one method for Congressional Districts and an entirely different method for General Assembly districts.

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