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Redistricting Delaware County

12.Apr.2012by Amanda in Redistricting· 0 comments

Having recently spent some time in Delaware County, it caused me to review how Delaware County was impacted by the now overturned Redistricting maps and compare this to the Holt evidence.

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Redistricting Lancaster, Lancaster County

06.Oct.2011by Amanda in Redistricting· 0 comments

Fragmented townships beg the question: How do reconcile the rules of whole political subdivisions and contiguous districts? In Lancaster County, that question was no longer avoidable.

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Redistricting Monroe County PA

06.Oct.2011by Amanda in Redistricting· 1 comment

After being fractured into six little pieces for the last 10 years, Monroe County is standing up and saying no more. Will they be split again for the next 10 years? My investigation into Northeast Pennsylvania resulted in some answers.

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Redistricting Pittsburgh / Allegheny County

04.Oct.2011by Amanda in Redistricting· 2 comments

When it came to creating minority-majority districts in the Pittsburgh area, there was already one naturally created using previous steps. But Pittsburgh had two minority districts in 2000. Would the shrinking population in Allegheny cost them a minority district?

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Redistricting Allentown / Lehigh County

04.Oct.2011by Amanda in Redistricting· 1 comment

Step 4 of the Holt Proposal sent me tracking down minority populations. The city of Allentown in Lehigh County came up as one place that needed attention. And more than one solution presented itself.

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2000 Redistricting: Were Maps That Bad?

30.Sep.2011by Amanda in Redistricting· 5 comments

Were the districts in 2000 really as bad as what people are saying? Judge for yourself with the following map pictures.

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