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Redistricting Proposal: Senate Version Step 1

Step 1: County Apportionment We must figure out how many senators (or parts of a senator) each County receives. A large county will have a high...

Redistricting Proposal: Overview

Redistricting is not normally associated with terms like impartial and non-partisan. The method proposed shows that that can all change. A proven alternative is ready to be used right now.

Ground Rules of State Redistricting

To really understand the redistricting process, one must begin by understanding the ground rules. The following rules apply specifically to Pennsylvania, but may also be true in other states.

Pennsylvania’s Redistricting System

Within Pennsylvania, the same method is not used universally for reforming districts. There is one method for Congressional Districts and an entirely different method for General Assembly districts.

What is Redistricting?

One hot topic in politics is the 2010 Redistricting. But what is this and should average people even care about this?

My Journey into Redistricting: Part 2/2

The next few month of my redistricting journey led me to three discoveries that offered the final clues essential to understanding the process and offering workable solutions.

My Journey into Redistricting: Part 1/2

Trying to make sense of election districts launched me into the maze of redistricting. Little did I realize the surprising discoveries and unexpected destinations that awaited me. And this was just the beginning.