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Redistricting by Shortest Splitline Algorithm Method

Mounting voter frustration has led to the exploration of some radically new redistricting methods.

Holt II Decision in Review Part 3: The Puzzlers Continued

Our final look at the Holt II decision brings us to a second puzzlement in the majority opinion.

Holt II Decision in Review Part 2: The Puzzlers

While celebrating the small victories contained within in the Holt II decision, there are still two points of puzzlement. Today we will look at the first of these.

Holt II Decision in Review: Part 1

The redrawing of Pennsylvania's legislative districts is at an end. But the effects of the new districts and impact of the court's decision continues. On the surface, the decision in Holt II may seem like a total loss until we pause to take a closer look.

Redistricting Milestones

Remembering back to when an ordinary day took an extraordinary turn.

Let Freedom Ring!

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day would be incomplete without reflecting on the impact of redistricting on representation and the magnitude of what is at stake.

The Next Step: Oral Arguments

Now that the petitions, briefs, and responses have been filed, the next step in this legal proceeding arrives.

Latest Holt Petition Filed

Read about the latest milestone in my redistricting journey along with what's coming up next in the process.

House Redistricting Recap

Having reminded ourselves of glaring constitutional violations in the Revised Preliminary Senate Plan, we now turn to the House. With the unveiling just hours away, this handy check list and quick review of the House are just in time.

Senate Redistricting Recap

One forgets a lot in 30 days, like why the revised preliminary plan still contained glaring constitutional violations. A handy check list and quick review of the Senate seemed timely with the public just days away from catching a first glimpse of the Revised Final Plan.