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[Video] Redistricting & The Big Game: What is fair?

Redistricting has more in common with sports than one might think. Explore a few similarities football style! In the end, rules matter.

Why Senate Bill 22 Just Became a Little Worse

As least some of the amendments to Senate Bill 22 were not for better and should concern those interested in letting citizens be heard.

[VIDEO] Need for a Redistricting Framework: Men are Not Angels

If people wish for free government to continue, they must remember to factor human nature into any redistricting equation. Otherwise, the voice of the...

April 24 Testimony on Redistricting Legislation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh3CF8fb1xA Watch my testimony before the Senate Government Committee. The entire hearing is available online at: http://www.pasenategop.com/blog/042418-2/. Read highlights of my written testimony below...

[VIDEO] Why are Measurable Standards Needed in Redistricting?

Accountability in government hinges on one key factor that is currently missing in Pennsylvania's redistricting process. The voice of the people must be protected.

Testimony on Redistricting Legislation

In looking at redistricting reform, there are some fundamental concerns which should not be forgotten.

[VIDEO] The Most Important Redistricting Standard

Turns out the power to check gerrymandering exists in one ignored redistricting standard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CORCNqUilm0

[VIDEO] Hidden Dangers: Communities of Interest

Communities of interest might seems like a good redistricting standard, but they come with a hidden danger.

[VIDEO] Deconstruction of a Map (Congressional Style)

One pivotal change in Pennsylvania redistricting law made gerrymandering a lot easier. Watch and see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj28cdn48JQ

Balance of Power

The success of the system of the United States government hinges on a unique balance of power between the various branches of government. It is this delicate balance which is being called into question with the court order that came down from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Is there really anything to be concerned about?