April 2012

Stay Engaged

23.Apr.2012by Amanda in Redistricting· 1 comment

It is important for citizens to stay engaged in this redistricting process, but several have asked how they can do this. There are three specific ways that come to mind.

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Redistricting Delaware County

12.Apr.2012by Amanda in Redistricting· 0 comments

Having recently spent some time in Delaware County, it caused me to review how Delaware County was impacted by the now overturned Redistricting maps and compare this to the Holt evidence.

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Should Political Subdivisions Stay Whole?

11.Apr.2012by Amanda in Redistricting· 2 comments

Ingrained into Pennsylvania’s Constitution is one component of representation that leads to an essential question. Finding an answer leads to unexpected places in Pennsylvania history with surprising relevance for today.

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