March 2012

The Story of Reapportionment

14.Mar.2012by Amanda in Redistricting· 2 comments

Pennsylvania redistricting began with one fundamental issue and the document that forever shaped its future. This defining moment gave birth to a new kind of government. And that was just the beginning.

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Does Representation Matter to Me?

08.Mar.2012by Amanda in Redistricting· 3 comments

What seems like an obscure issue may actually be the thread that ties together the things we hold most sacred. A look into its origins reveals that representation comes much closer to home than many of us realize.

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Watching Harrisburg Legislators

02.Mar.2012by Amanda in Redistricting· 0 comments

What if you could be a spectator in the Pennsylvania State Capital while enjoying the comforts of home? Advances in technology means that the Redistricting Commission and your state legislators may be just a few clicks away.

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