Redistricting Proposal: Senate Version Step 1


Step 1: County Apportionment

We must figure out how many senators (or parts of a senator) each County receives. A large county will have a high portion (like Philadelphia at 6.01). Small counties will have a low portion (like Cameron at .02). It is a two part process.

First we get the the target average for the Senate: 255,509.

How is this calculated?
12,702,379 / 50 = 255,509
PA Population / number of Senators = Target Average District Population

Then we calculate the County Apportionment. The result, of course, will be different for each county.

How is this calculated?
169,842 / 255,509 = .67 (for Monroe)
County Population / Target Average District Population = County Apportionment

The picture below says it all (click the image to make it bigger).


Now on to Step 2: Regions!


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