A View of 9 Congressional Maps

On February 15, 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court received 8 map submissions for congressional districts. Each purported to fully comply with the court order to be compact and contiguous, generally equal in population, and split local governments only when absolutely necessary for population equality. But did any comply with the court order?

Breakdown of a Congressional Map

While the proposed Pennsylvania congressional map is undeniably an improvement over the 2011 version, a deeper analysis shows some shortcomings and reveals several choices with far-reaching impacts.

Redistricting Reform Today

The requirement to redraw Pennsylvania's congressional map offers a unique opportunity to gauge the temperature for redistricting reform. By February 9, citizens will witness the degree to which the State Legislature will embrace neutral redistricting principles outlined in the Constitution.

Senate Splits

First Round of Maps

LRC 58 split places
Holt 27 split places
LRC 41 total splits
Holt 12 total splits

Second Round of Maps

LRC 37 split places
Holt 17 split places
LRC 20 total splits
Holt 3 total splits

House Splits

First Round of Maps

LRC 290 split places
Holt 106 split places
LRC 466 total splits
Holt 80 total splits

Second Round of Maps

LRC 221 split places
Holt 86 split places
LRC 261 total splits
Holt 61 total splits

“Indeed, the proof is strong enough that we view it as inconceivable . . . that the magnitude of the subdivision splits here was unavoidable”

— Justice Ronald Castile, Holt, Majority opinion page 78 —

Amanda began delving into the subject of redistricting in October of 2010 on her quest to know why. Helped by a love of puzzles, attention to detail, and a great deal of persistence, her efforts eventually led her to a historic victory before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. She documents her journey here and inspiring others through numerous presentations across the state. The recipient of several honors, her work has also been featured in every major Pennsylvania newspaper, making headline news in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.